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Social Media - Unpack The Backpack

Social Media Marketing

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We develop result-driven social media strategies, based on the data and insights at hand. Leverage your social presence with a mix of personalised branded and engagement-driven content that best engages your target audience.

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We help brands nurture and build a long-lasting connection with their social community. Build valuable relationships with your core social base through real-time monitoring and engaging conversations across all platforms.

Influencer Marketing - Unpack The Backpa


We enable brands to enhance their reach and engagement and consequently conversions and sales by strengthening their relationships with the top influencers in their individual niche. Separate strategies are implemented across various social platforms to get an unmatched ROI.

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Organic Reach on most Social Platforms is close to nil at present. Incorporating paid social ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other Social Platforms allows one to reach a specific target audience at the right time and an unmatched price as compared to traditional advertisements.

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